Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-17-07

Woke up at 7am. got up about 7:40am. got ready for school and laid back down with Scout. My friend, Amanda, picked me up and class was an hour. came home and then went to PX. Bought toilet paper. Went to Clothing and sales and bought 2 t-shirts(one says "I Love My Soldier" --it's pink!!-- and the other says Army Mom-- in blue). I will send that one to TJ's mom for Mother's day. I hope she doesn't read this!! LOL. I also finally found a Big Red 1 decal for the Trailblazer!!! I also got a postcard with the Soldier's Creed which I'd like to frame and hang.

I babysat for 3 hours and straightened up the spare room. Did laundry. Then went to the Geary County Museum to get a period costume for the Tour of Homes on Sunday. I got a really pretty one. It's royal blue with tiny sprigs of flowers and pink trim. I will make sure someone takes a picture and I will post on MySpace.

Then we went to Sonic for happy hour and to eat because we were starving. we got patty melts and they were yummy!!! Then we went to our Creative Memories Consultant's house to put in Mandy's order off my party and me to drop off my check. I made a new friend -- the consultant's son who is about 15 months old. He wanted me to hold him so I did!! For some reason babies, kids and animals seem to like me.

Then we went to Mandy's for her mail and so I could weigh myself. I lost 2 more pounds since I was sick putting me at 170!!!!!!!! I have lost 13 pounds now since the beginning of December. Most of it was from being sick.

Then we returned to post and Mandy dropped me off. I played on the computer and took out the trash. I also took a shower early. Watched Gilmore Girls. I am so tired -- not sure I will make it through Law and Order SVU.

I finished a roll of film today taking pictures of the house. I will get developed soon so I can send to my mom and TJ and make a slide show on MySpace. Also have some good Scout ones on there.

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