Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-18-07

Today was an ausgezeichnet(excellent) day!!!!

Got up at 8 am (after regular alarm routine), Got ready for school and played on computer to stay awake. Went to class and learned a lot(how to say "how are you" and responses, the alphabet, counting 1 through 10(Conny helped further with that) and countries). Dropped my firend amanda off at her house then came home for a short time then went down to Walmart to drop off film. Went to Post Office to get a mailing sticker and TJ called!!!!!!! He sounded good and told me not to worry about him regarding the problems he is having. He is like that -- hates to have me worry. He also wouldn't say anything about it because he doesn't talk bad about other people(which makes him an easy target). He is looking forward to R&R, but...........
he had a dream that he got me pregnant on the first day!!!! Okay, now I am starting to really get concerned because that is the 3rd person to dream I was pregnant. I think God is trying to tell me something.

Anyway, after talking to TJ I babysat and then went to Sonic, Walmart and Alco. I got TJ an early birthday present -- a drill set. Then I picked up sushi at the commissary and headed to Conny's(after a pit stop to change and look at pictures). We had dinner on the patio and then took a very long walk and scoped out what people were putting out with their trash. We went back after dark in my car and Conny got a table/box and outdoor rack and I got a charcoal grill, kid's mattress, shower shelf and office chair. We love "shopping" on trash days!!!!

I need to tweak my to do list because I am very tired and got a bit off schedule!!

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