Monday, April 2, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-2-07

Woke up at about 11:30am. Lied(layed?) in bed for about an hour. Got up and dressed and went online for awhile. Decided to run errands. Went to Post Office and got a package from TJ!!! Nothing for me, really. He sent back 3 cameras, 2 t-shirts, his medals and some papers. I took the cameras to Walmart and got the pictures developed.
Bought a nightstand at the DAV Thrift shop. Made sure True Value had the water lines for my washing machine. Went to Sonic. Cashed my 2nd paycheck(they owe me one more!!). Got a game and 2 books at Goodwill. Bought a trash can, 3 certificate frames, a shot glass, Easter Grass, Jelly Beans and a jewelry drawer(to use for TJ's medals!!) at Walmart.
Came home and put stuff in the frames, put the pictures in an album, and started hanging pictures. Worked a bit on the spare room.
Just had pizza for dinner and am watching The Bachelor. I am going to summon some strength to pay bills now, too. I am very tired and my throat hurts really bad. Not coughing too much, but both ears are plugged again.

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