Friday, April 20, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-20-07

Got up at 8. Got ready for school and checked mail and MySpace. I stayed up a little later last night sending messages and friend requests to people I went to school with a long time ago!! It was awesome to find some of them!!

Went to school, then into town to get patches at the Military Outlet for TJ. Bought fancy mailing envelopes at post office. Also went to the DAV Thrift Shop and bought 2 outside chairs so now I have 6. then I went to my AFTB class and met someone nice. I also got a bookbag, a little bear and a new binder.

After class went to Abilene and visited the Greyhound Hall of Fame. Then I went to my favorite antique store and bought 2 children's story books. Then I went to Alco and got the sexy lingerie I wanted.

Headed back to JC and went to Sonic and guess who was there???? Mandy!!!! LOL. Then I met up with some other friends and went with them to the dog park and then to Sonic and then to Walmart. came back on post and my friend, Claudia, helped bring over the rest of the patio chairs from Amber. Got on the computer and looked at email and MySpace and chatted with Kate in Idaho!!!

Now I am going to take a shower(I need to wash hair in the morning) and shave my legs and then go to bed. I need to get up super early tomorrow.

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