Sunday, April 22, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-22-07

Woke up early, but was too tired to go to church. Got up about 10am and went on computer for awhile. Took a shower and then went to Main post for Tour of Homes. Could not stand for more than 5 minutes before feeling like I had to pee!! I knew I had a UTI(been battling it for a couple days on my own) so I went to the ER. Waited 3 hours to confirm what I already knew and get medicine!!! Missed Tour of Homes. BUT, I did get medicine and was told that the cough that has lingered since the flu will go away and the coughing is what is making my bback hurt(I'm sure carrying furniture up the stairs and regularly lifting a 9 month old doesn't help!!!, but hey, I want to live my life).

Went to Walmart for cranberry juice and also bought a paper and some sweet snacks. Got Chinese food and came home and have been on computer and watching 7th heaven.

OH!!!!! TJ called this morning. He sounds good. I was driving him crazy talking about R&R and the new lingerie I bought!! LOL He was not happy with me. hee hee.

Gonna finish watching 7th Heaven, then wash my hair and then maybe get back on computer, but I do want to take some time to read before bed.

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