Monday, April 23, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-23-07

Woke up at 7am and got up about 7:45am. Checked email and MySpace. Got ready for school. Went to class and got some free patches from a Captain!!(for TJ). Went to PX after class with Amanda and got Velcro for her to sew on the patches. Also paid on Star Card. Treated myself to a Chocolate Blast. Came home and played on computer and straightened house up a bit. Babysat and cleaned my room!! After babysitting I rearranged my room, played on computer, and studied scriptures. My friend, Sheri, came by to get boxes and invited me for dinner.

Went walking and "shopping" with Conny and visited Amanda. Saw her daughter's dance trophies from this past weekend(way to go, Gwen!!). Conny and I did not find anything for ourselves, but found more boxes for Sheri!! Went to Sheri's house for dinner (Chili and grilled cheese -- yummmmmm) and then took her to get the boxes. Played with her daughter and cat.

Came home and am playing on computer and watching The Bachelor. Will take a shower at 10pm and then watch Jay Leno and read and maybe watch late late show.

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