Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-25-07

Woke up about 7 am. Got up and checked messages. Took a shower. Took the trash out. Got ready for school and layed in bed with Scout.

Went to class and stayed after to do my labwork. Came home and played on computer until Mandy and the kids came. Babysat and did laundry. Alli wanted to watch one of my DVDs and guess what she picked??? Mork and Mindy!!!! She seemed to like it.

After babysitting I went back to work on labwork and then went to Thrift Store. Bought a new pan, toy tool set, picture frames, a blue pillow to use as naughty seat, and 2 small puzzles. Then I browsed at the Post furniture store. Came home and made cheesy potatoes for dinner. Worked on MySpace albums, put puzzles together and washed my hair. Been playing on the computer and watching TV since then. Next I will go to bed and read.

Scout gets neutered tomorrow!!!!!

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