Thursday, April 26, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-26-07 part 1 -- My horrible Commissary experience

I wish this month would just be over!!!

Woke up at 6:30 am and heard Scout eating and realized that he was not supposed to have anything after 10pm last night!!! I cut him off and luckily the vet took him anyway.

Then I went to the post office and mailed TJ's patches. Then I went to the Commisary and had the worst service I have EVER had at a grocery store. First, it was nearly 10 in the morning and they only had 3 registers open -- 2 were express lanes and the other was also a handicap lane(so even if you had been waiting in line you would have to wait if someone handicapped came up --I think the point is to give the handicapped enough room(like if they were in a wheelchair or using the electric carts), not give them cutting priviledges -- though the lady that did go up while I was next in line to go into a line looked like she probably wouldn't be able to stand in a line much longer). My point is, though, that while they should have had that line open for the handicapped, they should have had another one for the people who had too much for the express lanes!! They could have sacrificed an express lane!!

Okay, so i am waiting in line to get in the 1 open checkout lane and an older lady entered that lane and said she was handicapped so I was stuck. Then they decided to open another register (I've already been waiting there about 5 minutes) so I go in that and of course the checker is just setting up so she doesn't move the belt so I need to find room for all my stuff because I've buried my purse and need to get it out to show my I.D. Then, of course, she asks for my ID before I have gotten to it and I explain it is buried, but of course she still won't moveher belt or start checking the items until I show it(which pissed me off because usualyy you can show the ID anytime before you pay). Then I try to pay with the credit card I share with my mom which is in my maiden name and she asks for ID(which has never happened before) and says she can't approve since the name is different and talks to 2 managers(one sent her to the other) who deny as well citing this is policy(it must be a new policy because I have never had a problem before). I give her one of my credit cards and complain about this and the long wait. She says that is just policy.

THEN, when I am ready to leave none of the baggers wants to help take my stuff out to the my car(they work for tips so usually they are very willing). I suspect it was because they heard me complaining and figured I wouldn't tip or saw me pay with a credit card and figure I have no cash. I was actually going to tip $5.00 because my problems so far have had nothing to do with them and I have a ton of bags(I cleaned up at the clearance shelf!!) and I made them give me plastic when they had already started 3 papers(the Commissary is trying to push paper, but I had too much to carry up stairs!!). BUT since no one was willing to help me and someone finally relented I only tipped $1.00(and usually I tip at least $2.00). I don't think she was too happy, but too bad. If she had been more willing to do it she would have made a good tip.

After leaving I had to pull over up the road and call to speak to a manager(I just wanted to get out of the store and not make a scene) where I relate these horrible experiences. I also played the "my husband is deployed" card and said I was disappointed that this is how they treat family members. She was apologetic and wanted to get my name to call me back(for what, I don't know -- maybe give me a gift certificate or something??), but I declined and told her I just wanted her to be aware of these things. She apologized again and I told her I appreciated it(which i did -- I mean, she could have just offered excuses). I didn't need compensation, just hope that this doesn't happen again!! But I worked in customer care for Home Depot and I don't know how much good it does(though that was at a corporate level and this was at the store).

I really don't want to shop anywhere else because I save 30% and can get my groceries taken to my car for a tip, but I guess saving 30% on your groceries means you lose 30% on service!!!

So that was the first part of my day.

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