Thursday, April 26, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-26-07 part 2. Scout's malady.

So, after I get home and bring in the groceries I go over to the school to register for online classes, but am told I can do that online(duh). So I go over to the Post Office and pick up mail. Come back home and put rest of groceries away, do laundry and eat. I try to register online, but it is $125.00 per credit hour and Online is not free like the classes on Post!!!! So I am not taking any classes next semester.

I work on Photo Albums on MySpace

Later in the afternoon I go to Sonic and then to pick up Scout. He is good, but is crying pitifully on the way home so I let him out of his carrier. And wouldn't you know we get pulled over for an inspection at the gate!!!(Yes, AGAIN). So I have to hold him because he won't go back in the carrier and the other cars scare him and i have to hold on tightly and he fights me and we end up busting one of his stitches. Then, after I get home I do get him back in the carrier to take him up and he p[ees in there. So now he is bleeding and drenched in pee. and I have people coming for dinner. He keeps licking himself to clean up the pee(I tried wiping him and he was mad) and I think he keeps the wound open. I worry really bad and don't go bowling. I feel horrible.

It looks like it is clotting now. It isn't bleeding too bad because he is not leaving blood on anything and he has cleaned up the fur around it. It still looks wet, though. I am still worried. He is active, though, roaming the house and sniffing everything. I don't want him hurting or suffering and I cannot lose him. I love him so much.

And, of course, I'm missing my husband bad.

Is it May yet???

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