Saturday, April 28, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-28-07

Got up at 8am and got ready for the day. Checked messages. Got scrapbook stuff together. Went to Scrapbook memoranza after 9am. I had so much fun and got some cool stuff and learned how to make awesome borders. I won a 7x7 album!!! I made 2 Carebear storybooks and completed 6 pages in my Summer 2006 album.

After, I went to Walmart to buy posterboard and glitter pens to make Cinco de Mayo poster for church tomorrow(still need to do). Then went to Many's where I et her mother-in-law and we had pizza and pie (Peanut butter chocolate from Village Inn). then i came home and washed my hair.

Now I am going to make the poster, read, watch TV and go to bed!!!

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