Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-4-07

Got up at 10am. Headed out to Milford about 10:30 to pay utilities and final rent. Came back on Post and got gas. Went to Post furniture store and bought a small computer desk for $30.00. Went to Thrift Store and got some toys, 2 games, and 2 plates. came home and worked on spare room and chatted on computer. A little before 3pm I headed into town to cash a rebate check and go to Sonic. Got the invites for my scrapbook party and drove by my best friend's new house(yes, she kept telling me I had to move on post to live near her and then she goes and moves off post!!!! At least she is right in town). Came back on Post and went to PX. Bought 2 picture frames, a cat feeder, a nightshirt(75% off!!!) and an army shot glass. I officially have no more space on my shot glass shelf!!! I need to look for another one.
Came back home and finished the spare room!!!!! My friend best friend and her husband came over to get boxes and her husband offered to put my computer desk together for me. It was very nice of him and I greatly appreciated it. After he was done I set it up along with my printer. I am trying to install Microsoft Office now, but I am having trouble.
My ears are still plugged and I am coughing(though a lot less), but my throat is less sore.
Doing my taxes tomorrow and hope to have the rest of the house done!!!

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