Thursday, April 5, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-5-07

Someone is going to pay tomorrow!!!!!

Okay, woke up at 9 am. watched TV and read. Had my taxes done. Went to Thrift Shop again. Bought stamps. Came home and finished diningroom. Put away dry laundry and hung more to dry. TJ called. He is fine. Went bowling.

Okay, here is where my day gets interesting and starts sucking. Coming home I am speeding(I notice too late) and there is an MP coming the opposite way. I think I am okay, but he pulls over. Then I see him making a U-turn. So I quickly make a left hoping to get away(no, he does not have his lights flashing -- I'm not that delusional). I see him make the left so I make the next right hoping to lose him in a neighborhood, but unfortunately the street only loops and I am afraid to try hiding in a parking lot because he will catch on to what I am doing. So he catches up with me and puts on his lights so IMMEDIATELY pull over. He takes my stuff and explains I was speeding back out on the main street. Goes back to the car and soon another police car shows up. I see this a lot on Post so I'm not too concerned. Until they both come back to my car and ask me to park my car in the lot across the street and lock it so I start to worry.

Once I do all that they tell me they have to take me in because when they ran my license it came up suspended. I have no idea why and argue that it shouldn't be. They say it was surrendered and I explain I never surrendered it and switched it when I moved here and threw in that my husband is deployed. They calmly explain to me that they are sorry but they still have to take me in because it is coming up suspended. So I agree and they handcuff me!!!!(I guess it's procedure). I thought I was being arrested, but I wasn't. I cried all the way to the police station. They made me wait in the waiting room(took the cuffs off) and tried running the license several more times to determine just why it was suspended but it won't tell them anything. So they explain they will not ticket me for that, but I still get a speeding ticket. Which is fine(I was speeding). They told me to go to the DMV to find out what happened and get it reinstated. They let me have it back. So they took me back home and my friends helped me get my car back here.

So tomorrow I am going to the DMV and they are not going to be happy to be dealing with me. Because I am PISSED and HUMILIATED and it is the DMV's fault from this point. They better re-instate my license and they better not charge me for a new one because if they try they will hear this whole story in detail and I will cry, too, to make them feel extra bad.

So the moral of the story is
#1. Check periodically to make sure your license is still valid.
#2. If you think you are going to be pulled over(or you KNOW you are) always pull into a neighborhood or parking lot where you can park and not get towed. If I had stayed on the main road that is what would have happened to me. So it is good I was trying to elude the police!!

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