Friday, April 6, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-6-07

Much better than yesterday.

Woke up at 10 am and called DMV. Was told I need to call the Topeka office because they could not handle my problem here. Called Topeka and they do not have phone service on Friday -- you have to go in. My friend, Amber(God Bless Her!!!), agreed to take me, so we made a trip to Topeka!! Was told my license was not "suspended", it was "surrendered". Was sent to another line where at first I was told they couldn't help, but I started to get angry so the guy went in the back to talk to someone who knew how to fix the problem. I asked for an explanation and it was explained that it said in the system that I surrendered my license to Florida -- it was supposed to be the other way around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am writing a nasty letter to the head office to inform them of their incompetence and the humiliation I suffered as a result.

After the DMV we went to Cici's for lunch and then to Chuck E. Cheese for awhile. Then we came back home. I got on the computer and chatted with my friend, Kim, for a long time. Then I put dry laundry away, hung up wet laundry and did another load. My friend, Mandy, called to see what happened today. I told her. Thought I was going to babysit for awhile so I finished cleaning the livingroom, cleaned up in the kitchen and organized my cedar chest. Didn't have to babysit because Mandy and her husband were too tired to move anything else. It was good that she asked me, too, though, because it motivated me to clean this evening and not leave it all for tomorrow!!! I even got my Easter decorations up!!

I will be up now for awhile chatting, helping Scout write another blog, reading and watching TV.

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