Sunday, April 8, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-8-07

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke up at 9 am with a terrible backache. Went back to sleep fopr 15 minutes then dragged myself out of bed, dressed and went to church. Received a healing blessing(my back started to feel better -- my ears are still plugged up). Received another calling(as a member of the Relief Society Enrichment Committee -- it's helping to plan enrichment nights every 3 months).

Came home and my friend, Amanda, was waiting to help with my lamb cake. She made the frosting and decorated the cake(painstakingly --it looked awesome!!!!!!!!). I finished cleaning up the house and started dinner. Made spaghetti(no Honeybaked Ham stores around here!!). Everyone came over and we ate and talked and relaxed. Scout got lots of attention and even cuddled with a couple of people. He played with the kids.

After everyone left I loaded up the dishwasher and did a load (still need to unload) and soaked the pots and pans. Alternately watched The Sound of Music and Napolean Dynamite, while putting together Scout's little brag book/scrapbook.

I still need to shower, read scriptures, say my prayers and go to bed.

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