Saturday, April 7, 2007

To Do List 4-9-07 to 4-15-07

Monday -- Finish putting away laundry and take linens to laundromat to dry.Hung up to dry instead. Clean bedroom. Empty dishwasherDone and wash dishesNot full yet!!. Type upDone, send out Done on Tuesday and printDone HASFR minutes.

Tuesday -- Clean bathroom and laundry room. Laundry- whites and put away linens. DoneGo by Tax Center. Done
Go to Commissary for party food and Sushi.Done Connie coming for dinner. DoneVacuum whole house. Done on Friday

Wednesday -- 11am -- HASFR meeting Done
Clean kitchen and bathroom. Laundry -- lights Done

Thursday --
11am -- Meet Debra was at 12pm!!!!!
4pm -- Enrichment Committee meeting Done
Clean diningroom and storage room. Laundry -- darks

Friday --
11:30am -- AFTB Cancelled
Check bank account and transfer necessary funds.
Go shopping for party food at Walmart. Check Alco for lingerie.
6:30pm -- Scrapbook Crop
Clean livingroom and halls. Laundry -- linens.

Saturday --
7:30 am -- Meet Connie and Amber for garage sales!!!Postponed
1pm -- Scrapbook party

Sunday --
10am -- Stake conference at church building.
After -- Temple Trip Meeting

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