Thursday, May 17, 2007


I HATE WAITING!!! Current mood: anxious Category: Life
I am the most impatient person in the world so the wait for my husband to come home on R&R is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!
It would be easier if I had some idea of where he is and a tentative arrival at least, but has he called me?? Nooooooo.
I had to find out from my friend who talked to her husband that he was still in Iraq Thursday morning their time because his flight got cancelled due to bad weather. He could have called me to tell me that, but oh, no!! And now I don't know if a plane made it out today or where he is. I'd like to have some kind of idea.
I had to take a xanax to calm myself down because I was getting soooo anxious. I figured that today was probably the last time I could do that(don't want to be impaired while driving) so I saved some chores for tomorrow. I did mange to get all but the refrigerator clean in the kitchen(and the floor) today. I also have my german class tomorrow morning, and AFTB class in the afternoon, late lunch with a friend and errands to keep me busy tomorrow. Plus the remaining chores...laundry, straighten up bedrooms and storage room, change beds, clean and vacuum floors, and comb out the tangles from my hair.
You'd think that after waiting 7 months a few more days wouldn't be so bad, BUT knowing that it is soo close and that he should be on his way is waaaay worse. I just can't handle waiting very well

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