Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Our First Memorial Day Current mood: full

Anyway, I was just thinking and realized that this is the very first Memorial Day TJ and I have spent together. He had just left for Boot Camp before the first one while we were together and then last year he was here at Fort Riley while I was in Florida. I know it's not a major holiday, but it's special that we were together. Especially since it is kind of a sad holiday and I would have been very depressed without him.
So, how did we celebrate??? Well, we slept in. Then TJ went to help a dear friend move(just loading the truck). This friend, Kevin, and his wife and daughter are church members and they were very kind to TJ when he moved here. Before TJ had a car they would go out of their way every Sunday to pick him up and take him home from church. They invited him often for dinner and to their daughter's 1st birthday. Kevin blessed our new home on Post since TJ was in Iraq. He also gave me a couple of blessings while TJ was gone. He and his family will be dearly missed by us. His wife is ETSing from the army and they are going to settle in Colorado.
While TJ was gone I played on the computer, watched TV, read and marinated the steaks for grilling. TJ came home and we got ready to grill, but the self lighting charcoals would not self-light!! TJ went to the shoppette and PX to get some lighter fluid but both places were out. So we headed out to Walmart and got some, plus Kitty Litter, TJ's new ring(yep, he had lost another!!) and a photo album. And a coupla candy bars. Then we went to Sonic for Happy hour. I had my regular cranberry Coke, but TJ went crazy and had a watermelon Root Beer!! He liked it, but I nearly gagged. Then we came back and cooked our steaks and hot dogs. I also put together another Iraq album for TJ. Then we ate!! Now I am blogging and he is arranging his music collection on his computer.
I am also very proud to say that Scout was outside for over an our on the balcony and behaved himself -- with no leash!! He is going to blog about it.
So what did everyone else do today??

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Kim said...

You two are such a married couple! Glad it was a good day for you two.