Monday, May 7, 2007

Paris in the Pokey

I stole the title from an entertainment show.
Okay, so when I heard last week that Paris Hilton may be sentenced to jail for violating her probation for a DUI I thought good. That's what she deserves. But I didn't think it would happen.
Well, I was wrong!!!! Because the very next day I heard the news that she did get sentenced to 45 days in jail. Justice has been served!!!
Today I heard her reaction. She says that she was "treated unfairly" by the judge and that the sentence is "cruel and unwarranted".
Cruel???? My understanding is this is the standard punishment for violating probation as she did. She is not above the law because she is a celebrity, as she believes she is.
Unwarranted???? She drove on a suspended license from a DUI!!!!! She was on probation and she violated probation by driving. Her excuse? Shge claims that her publicist told her the license was only suspended for 30 days and she could drive for work related matters. Okay, first of all, I don't believe her, even though she says she never opens or reads anything -- just signs where people tell her to. If this is the case then she is just plain STUPID. She is still at fault because she should have looked at what she was signing and made sure if she could drive or not.
As for being "treated unfairly", much is being said about how she is being made an example of only because she is a celebrity. No.... she is being given the same punishment that she would get regardless if she was a celebrity or not, but because she is so famous everyone gets to hear about it.
I just wanted to offer my thoughts on this because I am sick of hearing about celebrities getting away with some of the things they do because of their status and finally one of them got what they deserved!!

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Kim said...

Oh yeah, she certainly does get what she deserves. And the alleged comments that her mother made just shows that the rich think they are above the law.