Saturday, May 5, 2007

Summary of the last few days

I've just been lazy!! Well, and had a weird cold.

May 2 ----- I went to class, babysat. Had cold. Can't remember much else. I think I made a scrapbook page. I also talked to my mom and TJ!!!

May 3 ---- Cold was at its worse and turned into fever in the evening. I was worried about getting flu again. I did not go to class, but I babysat. I made myself stay up to watch ER which was excellent!!!! Oh, and I was peed on.

May 4 ---- Woke up feeling MUCH better!!!!!!! Went to class and all we did was fill out a survey. Babysat and the kids were sooooooo good. Nick slept most of the time and the rest he played in his bouncy thing!! Allie was an angel. After babysitting I went to Mandy's and used the scale -- I gained 2 pounds, but she said it was because my period was coming!! Then we went to Sonic for sodas and then to Walmart so I could get ingredients for salsa and burrito pie. And get some pictures developed(they will be on MySpace soon). Then we came back to my place to drop off the groceries and headed over to Amber's for a farewell party for our friend, Sheri. Then I came home and watched TV with Scout. Oh, I also bought Mother's Day cards in the morning.

May 5 ---- Got up at 6:30 am and met my friends, Connie and Amber, for breakfast at 7. Then we headed out to the garage sales. I got..... green satin sheets, a picture frame, action figures, 2 books, a small planter, and...... a dining table and chairs!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!
Then we ate lunch and then Connie and I went to Manhattan. We went to a scrapbook store and I made some cute tags. We also went to an organic grocery store(I wanna go back), a large Hallmark Store, and Target!!! I bought a new wireless mouse on sale. Then we headed back to Post

I went home, checked messages, read and took a nap. Then I went to Amanda's Pampered Chef party and had a feast and bought some cool stuff and booked a party. Then I went to Mandy's to meet her mom and stepdad. Then I came home and cleaned up a bit, played on computer until a thunderstorm forced me off(I'm not taking any chances!!), prepared for a tornado, took a xanax, and watched TV until going to bed.


Kim said...

Hope the tornadoes don't hit your side of Kansas!

Robyn :) said...

Well, I think a couple touched down on this side, but not near me. It was worse in the western part of the state.