Sunday, May 13, 2007

Summary of my day -- 5-13-07


I got up at 9am, checked messages and got ready for church. Went to church, but only stayed for sacrament meeting. Came home and played on computer(bad, I know!!) then picked up Mandy's daughter, Allie and took her to a barbecue at Moon Lake with our friends!! conny took some awesome pictures of me which will be on MySpace sometime soon. Afterwards I took Allie home and then came back to my place. I have been playing on the computer mostly, but I also washed my hair and called my mom. I have also been watching TV(the series finale of 7th Heaven was kinda stupid, but pretty much true to the surrealness and randomness of the show). In awhile I will go to bed and read before going to sleep.

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