Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Summary of my day -- 5-9-07

One more week until TJ leaves Iraq!!! For R&R&R&R(Rest, Relaxation, Robyn and Reproduction!!!).

Got up about 8 am this morning. I was super tired, even though I was asleep before midnight. Went to class and then came home and made burrito pie. Went to HASFR meeting. After I came home and moved my spare room desk into the dining room and re-arranged pictures on the wall. So now the back room is the spare/guest/play/Scout's room. No more office. I now have an office/diningroom!!!

I also played on computer, read, colored and watched TV. Then I went to a de-stress class and came home and ate dinner, showered, talked to my mom and am playing on the computer while watching TV. After this I plan to empty dishwasher and straighten up kitchen, read, watch more TV and go to sleep.

TJ also called today. Yay!!!

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