Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fun stuff this past week

Well, I have been having a good week(except when my internet was down!!). I spent time with friends on Sunday. On Monday I hung out with Mandy(she had the day off) and her kids. We got free drinks at sonic because they took so long!!! On Tuesday I had a meeting, then met up with a friend in Abilene for lunch. I also went to the Russell Stovers outlet. Yesterday I went with another friend to Topeka. We had Sushi and went to Petsmart(Scout got some toys!!), Michael's, Hobby Lobby(it's bigger than the one in Manhattan!!), and KMart. We also stopped at Spangles on the way back for Orange Juice Slushes. Oh, and on the way to Topeka I finally went to Grandma Hoerners off I-70!!

Today I slept past noon and read and started cleaning the kitchen. Later I am going bowling and tomorrow is a scrapbook crop!!

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Kim said...

Boy, Scout is an excellent writer. (: