Saturday, July 14, 2007

Book Update

Thought I'd share where I am with reading....
I finished Hollywood Girls Club, by Maggie Marr(I recommend), Debutante Divorcee by Plum Sykes(also recommend), and the Princess Present(part of Princess Diaries series which I like).
Still working on How To Be Lost, It's Not You It's me, and Multiple Choice.
Added to the mix is....
1. No Place Like Home, by Mary Higgins Clark -- she is an awesome writer and this book is great. Grabs you right away. It's about a woman who accidentally killed her mother as a child and her current husband unknowingly buys the house it happened in.
2. Spare Change, by Robert Parker -- Part of the Sunny Randall series which is one of my favorites. I was happy to find this book on the 7 day loan shelf. It's about a resurfaced killer who leaves coins next to his victims.
3. Elegance -- this one is starting off kind of slow. About a Brit who is not too happy with her life so she finds a book on how to be elegant to apply to her life. Includes actual excerpts from a book about elegance which makes it interesting.
4. Princess on the Brink, by Meg Cabot -- Latest in the Princess Diaries series which I read. Mia is now a junior in high school.I've only just started it.
I am also working on a Women's Day magazine.

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