Friday, July 6, 2007

Books I'm Reading

I got a bunch of books at the Post Library the other day, plus another one at the JC one so I thought I'd share what I am currently reading....
1. Hollywood Girls Club -- a 7 day book. It's about 4 different women in Hollywood working on the same movie -- the star, her agent, the producer, and the writer. And they all have become friends. Beginning of a new series. All the chapters have shoes in the title. Interesting book.
2. Multiple Choice -- a wife and mother goes back to college at the same time as her daughter(different schools), but they end up interning at the same radio station. It's a little slow, but I keep reading it.
3. It's Not You It's Me -- about 2 Australians who used to be flat mates who meet again on a flight to Europe. It's okay.
4. How To Be Lost -- about a family whose youngest daughter disappeared years ago and the eldest daughter thinks she saw her in a magazine and goes searching for her. i haven't actually gotten to that part yet as I am still on all the background infop, but it is a very good book so far. Sad.
5. The Debutante Divorce -- still working on this one. A newlywed gets involved with divorcees and may end up one herself. Rich girls in New York. Lots of fun. And the cover is pink(always a plus LOL).
I had gotten another one, but I could not get past the first chapter it was so boring so I took it back!!! It was called If They Could See Me Now

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