Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Alpha Bit drama

Do they not make Alpha Bit cereal anymore?????
Okay, I have maybe ate this once in my life, but I wanted to get another cereal with marshmallows(besides Lucky Charms) and I remembered Alpha Bits. I tried the Commissary, but they didn't have them(which doesn't mean much because they didn't have canned potatoes either!!). I tried Walmart, but nothing. I haven't gone to Dillons, yet.
But I suspect these are no longer made.......let me investigate.....


Okay, it is a Post cereal(I couldn't remember the brand) and I found it on the Kraftcanada website, which does not sound promising as I am in the States!
According to Wikpedia there are Frosted Alpha-Bits and Marshmallow Alpha Bits.
Okay, I found it on the regular Kraftfoods website(United States) and it still exists!! So I think I will take a trip to Dillons to see if they have it......

There are no Alpha Bits in Kansas .....Well, I have searched and there are no Alpha Bits to be found.
I have tried the commissary, Walmart, Dillons, and Food For Less. How are kids supposed to learn the alphabet over breakfast?!?!?!?!!?
On a side note -- this was my first trip to Food For Less. It was a nice store but it kinda freaked me out. It was unnaturally bright inside(and normally grocery stores are at night, but I swear the lights were freaky bright) and deserted(since it was closing soon) and it kind reminded me of weird dreams I have about deserted stores. Normally they are dark, though, at one end or the shelves are bare in my dreams, but with the wide open spaces in the store and no one there and the freaky lighting -- it was triggering something in me because I had a bit of anxiety!! But I was laughing about it, realizing how absurd it was.
I ended up buying chocolate Lucky Charms. The checker was extremely nice.
But I am defeated in my quest for Alpha Bits.

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James said...

Hey have you found them yet? I want to find them and I am determined! Possibly albertsons. o.O