Saturday, July 28, 2007

Scrapbook Update

Scrapbook Spotlight -- My Mom
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I just started this one today. I put it in the album I won from Creative Memories. I had a bunch of loose pictures of my mom that I never bought a mini album for and decided it would be nice to make a scrapbook about her.
Size -- 8 x 8 lavendar album with a silver star design on the front.
Order -- Partial chronological order -- it starts out that way, but then I mix it up a bit!!
Purpose -- to honor my mother and share what she is like with others. Most pages will have pull out tags that tell a little story.
Challenges -- The size -- I'm not used to doing 8x8 pages and also making the tag pockets.
Advantages -- no page protectors so I can experiment with doing the pull out tags and also maybe trying pop-outs. also, adding additional pages is easy.
Progress _ I started today and did the first page, but I need to add a couple flower punch outs!!
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Scrapbook Spotlight -- Me
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Well, today I caught up on the scrapbook I have about me!! It is not finished because there is plenty of room for more pictures and I am sure I will have more of myself LOL.
Subject -- Pictures of just me.
Purpose -- For TJ to have with him in Iraq, but I did not finish it in time(he has 3 months left, but I don't think he wants to accumulate any more stuff at this point!)
Size -- I am not sure!! It is smaller than a 7x7. I bought it at a scrapbook store clearance sale because I thought it was pretty. It is pale blue with white daisies. I didn't realize the pages were an odd size!!
Order -- split chronological. It started out chronologicl from when I was a kid to my honeymoon, but then I found some more pictures and couldn't insert them chronologically so I went from honeymoon back to early twenties up to present!! The rest will go in chronological order.
Challenges -- The weird size -- I couldn't match so the newer pages are a different size.
Advantages -- It doesn't take long to make a page and it is easy to take to crops!!
Progress -- Caught up!

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