Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad sore throat

On Monday night I developed a sore throat. It was so bad that Tuesday morning I had to call in sick to work. I also went to the doctor. He had them do a swab for strep throat(since it is going around, but the fast result came back negative. However, they had to send another to the lab to be sure. He said he didn't think it was strep because I didn't have any other signs like fever, but they have been surprised when getting the lab results back before. He said that I could go back to work if I felt like it and they should have the results of the test on Thursday. He said that the congestion I had the week before was probably irritating my throat because my nose was probably still dripping back in my throat(gross). He prescribed some nasal spray and throat lozenges(yuck!). I went to get the prescription in the pharmacy, but the wait was 38 minutes!!! I was starving so my plan was to get something to eat and a book, go back and then go to work. After getting BK and going home to eat I felt incredibly tired. I didn't make it to the pharmacy or work, but napped all afternoon. I also used tylenol to try to stop the hurt.

My throat worsened overnight and was bad this morning. I took Vicodin this time and that dulled the pain significantly and made me feel really good!! But when it wore off this evening my throat hurt really bad again. I went back to Tylenol(PM so I can sleep). I also used the nasal spray this morning, but that didn't seem to help.

Honestly....I think I was misdiagnosed. I think I have tonsilitis. I have had that plenty of times and it's what it feels like. Maybe my tonsils weren't swollen enough on Tuesday for it to be obvious. If I am still hurting this bad in the morning I am going back to the doctor to make them check again!!! If it is tonsilitis I need to have amoxicilin to knock it out!!!!

So, we shall see tomorrow.

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