Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Freaky Nuclear Disaster Movie in Kansas

Apparently to celebrate Earth Week, Sci Fi channel is showing earth disaster movies at night. Tonight's is The Day After. it is about nuclear war. And it takes place in Kansas.
I think it is from the 70s. It is about the Russians starting a war. Not sure they started the nuclear part, though. The movie takes place in Kansas. Mostly at KU!!! That's where a bunch of survivors are. Also, all our nuclear missiles were apparently hidden on farms in Kansas!! They launch them and these steel doors in the ground open up and there go the missiles!! Headed for Russia. Unfortunatley, they take 30 minutes so Russia has time to send some to us if they haven't already. And of course those missles are headed for our missle silos in -- you guessed it -- Kansas!!! So, Kansas City pretty much gets wiped out and the surrounding area is a mess. And Missouri. Oh, also, good to know -- if a nuclear bomb detonates your car will stop working. Before you see the bomb. It like detonates in the air and everything stops working. Then it explodes on the ground and causes mass destruction. If you aren't too close you can see a mushroom cloud. I am sufficiently freaked out now.

I have heard of this movie before, but never knew it took place in Kansas. Makes it all the more creepy. In addition to that dull 70s disaster movie aura. Kind of surreal.
As I said before, I am sufficiently freaked out now.

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