Monday, April 21, 2008

Gonna vent a little.....

Okay, so, I have been sick since yesterday. A viral cold/flu. Yesterday was worse, to be fair. I was coughing a lot(fluidy cough, not dry, thought I had pneumonia), had a massive headache and extremely scratchy throat. Then, in the evening, I developed a fever.

To top all this off, my husband was sick, too. In the morning he threw up. He also had a massive headache. He slept all day. In the evening, when I was feeling my worse, he took 2 tylenol in the kitchen and then proceeded to spray vomit all the way to the bathroom(to his credit he did try to cover his mouth).

So, did I leave it for him to clean up?? NO. While I was coughing, battling massive headache and fever, I was down on my knees rubbing the stains out of the carpet and wiping off the walls.

So, today, I make an appointment to go to the doctor(I couldn't even go to work, I felt so tired and still congested) and I call TJ to let him know it is in the afternoon if he would like to try and take me. He said he wasn't sure he could, which was fine. Although, if they had said no I would have had a major issue because last friday they let him spend the whole day taking care of a friend's sick baby.

Well, they didn't say no. They didn't say anything BECAUSE he never asked if he could take me!! Which made me really upset. I mean, granted, I was able to get myself there and back okay, but it would have been nice if he had WANTED to help me. He had no problem agreeing to take care of someone else's sick baby for a whole day -- all I was asking for was 1-2 hours!!! AND I was nice enough to clean up all the spray vomit last night while being sick!!!(I would do it again, though).

So, anyway, I am feeling a little neglected in addition to crappy from the cold/flu. Just thought I'd vent about it.

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