Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lots of shopping!!!

TJ and I had a very full day -- so full in fact that I had to take a nap when we got home!!

I had a rough start this morning because I was mad at TJ , but after we got all that worked out we went to Manhattan.

Oh, I should also mention that TJ did some cleaning this morning in the kitchen :) AND he brushed Scout!!!

Okay, so our first stop in Kansas was Bob's Diner for lunch. We had never ate there and it was very good. Very dinerish. I had a very tasty patty melt and onion rings and lemon creme pie for dessert!! We also saw one of TJ's old sergeants there. That would be the start of seeing countless people we knew today!! All the rest were at the mall :) Okay, so after lunch we headed over to the scrapbook store one last time(it closes today) and I got some stuff. Then we went to the Yamaha shop for TJ to look around. Then we went to the mall. I spent a good chunk of time in Claire's looking for earrings. I saw someone from church there. While I was there TJ went to a couple places and saw one another of his old sergeants so then later I saw him and his daughter and then his wife, who is one of my friends :) I also saw one of the teachers from work. Then TJ and I headed down to Sears to look at deep freezers. On the way back through the mall I saw another teacher!! Before we left TJ spotted another sergeant!

After the mall we went to Hobby Lobby and Hastings. The online add for HL said wood handled rubber stamps were 50% off. It failed to mention that like almost everything else was, too!! I got a heart and snoopy stamp, PLUS a few sticker sheets, album refills, ribbon, and a kit -- all for about $23.00!!!

Then we went to Walmart where TJ finally got some stuff for himself. He got a fishing pole and loaded tackle box and then we also bought a fish scaler and filet knife, plus a scale/measurer and our licenses. And a cooler!!! We are ready to go fishing and plan to start tomorrow afternoon.

After that it was time to go home. I fell asleep in the car!!! Then took a 4 hour nap at home!! I am still sleepy. I guess it has been a long time since I have spent the whole day shopping!!

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