Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My 90 days are up!!!

My 90 day probation is ending at work so I got my evaluation today and I did very well. All 4's and 5's!! The principal said that all the teachers she talked to were happy with me and say I do a great job and have a good repoire with the kids and am positive with them :) I am so happy!! I truly love this job and always try to do my best. With other jobs I have been like, well, I'll do what I can, but if it isn't good enough they can fire me, but with this one I really want to keep it so I try hard everyday and I guess it really shows!! I also look forward to going everyday which makes a big difference.

I was a little concerned about not being rehired next year because I have least seniority and I wasn't sure if the need would be the same next year, BUT I do know one Para is leaving because of the army(moving to another state) and I think one is taking another job and another's spouse is looking for something not around here. I have had both supervisors ask me if I will come back next year and that they are pretty sure they will need me and then the principal asked me today if I want to come back. I will know for sure later in the summer when they do their rehiring process. If they don't need me I can apply elsewhere in the district, which would be fine, but I really want to work at this school again, as it is awesome and I like the people there.

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