Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Update on the last blog/vent

So, TJ explained why he didn't ask if he could take me to the doctor -- there was a Chain of Command ceremony and thye had no idea when it would end so he didn't want to make any waves. Fair enough, but he could have told me that in the first place!!

In other news -- 9 of my friends are pregnant. YES--9!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geez. Now I really feel left out LOL. It's also nice not being part of the crowd. I'll just wait. I am happy with my cat. He is low maintenance and such a sweetie.

I stayed home again today because I had no energy and was afraid of spreading germs. I think I have things under control now and will just be really careful the rest of the week and try to sit a lot. I really hate not being there. Although I have been enjoying myself today watching TV and making cards LOL. It can get old fast, though.

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