Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bittersweet Past Few Days

Well, summer vacation has a officially started for me!!! Not sure it was a great start or not LOL!!!

Friday was the last day of school. It was a full day and pretty easy. We had a talent show in the morning(my friend, Tara, did an awesome job with her 1st graders -- they did a cheer and practiced for like 3 weeks and were the best!!!)and watched movies in the afternoon. I saw Finding Nemo for the first time. Cute movie. Reinforced my desire to not have fish as pets!!! Leaving school that day was very hard, though. 2 of the teachers I worked with are not coming back. A couple of kids are not either. I was very emotional when I drove away.

That evening TJ and I picked up some new friends of ours and took them to the church for a lesson with the missionaries. They have been taking the discussions for awhile now and have committed to baptism on the 15th. We are praying for them to keep this committment. They also scheduled their wedding for Sunday with the Bishop. I think I was supposed to be the Matron of Honor for that(more on this in a minute). She didn;t have a dress, though(nothing fancy whatsoever0 so i gave her the dress I had bought for the last ball since it ws way too big for me. It fit her perfectly and she was excited to have something fancy to wear :)

I also started developing a cough that evening.

On Saturday TJ and I drove up to Omaha, NE for a ward temple trip. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive. It was a really nice day. I have pictures posted on Myspace. One thing about the drive I wanted to share that i thought was funny was that whenyou cross into Nebraska on US 77 there is a sign telling you yu are leaving Kansas and a big Welcome to Nebraska sign. On the other side, however, when you are crossing into Kansas there is just a small Welcome to Kansas sign. no matter which way you aree going, though, you can immediately tell you have changed states, though, by the road -- the Kansas side is soo much smoother!!!

Anyway, we arrived early to the Temple so we were able to go to a nearby bookstore(that was supposed o close last year, bu I think someone bought it!!) and get some lunch at an old fashioned diner. Then we went to the Temple to meet with the Temple president and get some paperwork done because it was TJ's first time and we were being sealed(I'll explain in a minute).

I was excited for TJ going through for the first time. It was so awesome to be there with him and reminded me of my first time. I was so happy, despite having a persistent cough. Then we were sealed.

For my non-Mormon friends I will explain...... we believe that when you are married civilly it is only until death do you part. When you are married in the temple it is for time(while you are alive) and eternity(beyond death). We call it sealing because you in effect you are "sealed" to your spouse. The sealing can only be done in the Temple by someone who has been authorized to perform the sealing. The room it was done in as very beautiful. One wall was a very light stained glass so the sun was shining through lighting up the whole room. It was a very spiritual ceremony and just wonderful having our friends from church there.

After the ceremony we took pictures outside and then headed back home. We stopped for dinner at Perkins in Lincoln. I forgot to mention earlier that part of US 77 was closed so we had to take a detour. the one they suggested went too far out so a friend from church suggested a better. going up was fine because it told you where to go to get US 77 north. Coming back, though, it failed to tell you where US 77 south was so we went too far. Luckily I know some of the other highways and realized this. We took a little trip through Clay Center :)

On Sunday I woke up with a cough and stuffy nose. I missed church and also our friends' wedding. I could barely get out of bed. I also developed a fever. Then, that evening, we were under a tornado watch and almost had one!! The neighbors told us they saw rotation above us but it broke up. SCARY!!! I also stayed in bed all day Memorial Day. It was a yucky day anyway -- rained all day. We had wanted to go boating, but with the weather and me being sick it didn't happen. We are now hoping for Saturday. Then, last night, we had a big lightning storm and thought we had lost our beloved TV!!!!!! There was a strike very close and it knocked the power out for a second. After that the TV would make this funny noise and not come on when we tried. We thought it was DEAD!!!!! Then we realized that our lights were not coming on all the way, like someone put on a dimmer switch. We hoped that was the problem(not enough power to start it). About an hour later we lost power completely for just a little while and when it came back on everything, including the TV, was fine!!! We were so relieved!!!

I am starting to feel better today and even went out for a little while to the library and Commissary. Hoping tomorrow to get the laundry and dishes done and maybe clean up my craft area.

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