Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Desperate For the Outdoors

Desperate For the Outdoors
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Okay, so I have never been what you would call an outdoorsy person. my parents weren't, either. We never went on cmaping or fishing trips or anything like that, though my mom did enjoy a nice harbor cruise now and then. I first went camping when I was in college to the beach and hated it because I was cold and the ground was hard!! Prior to that the closest I had been to camping was at a family camp(with a friend's family) and we stayed in a cabin in the summer and it was nice!!!

So I am baffled now by my strong desire to be in the great outdoors!!! I want to go camping with TJ soooooo bad. I want to go boating and fishing!! I can't wait!!

I always liked boats(I enjoyed harbor cruises, too), so it is not surprising that I want to do some boating of my own. And Milford Lake is just gorgeous and I love gorgeous scenery. I have always enjoyed fishing, too. The camping part is a mystery, though, let me tell you. I want to camp in a tent on the ground. I will not let my husband buy or rent anythinhg gas operated to cook with because I feel like that is cheating. If we are going to go camping we are doing it right!! ROUGHING IT!!! Sort of. I mean, we will be going to campgrounds with bathrooms(though I am not one to shy away from doing my business in the woods!!). I am a little weary of sleeping on a hard ground. I told my husband that if the first time I don't like it we are buying an air mattress. But other than that -- no luxuries!!! We will cook the fish we catch or make PB&J sandwiches. Or hot dogs. Over a CAMPFIRE!!!!!

Seriously, I can't wait!!

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