Thursday, May 1, 2008

Even worse

My sore throat was even worse today!!! It hurt so bad it was throbbing. I got another doctor's appointment. He gave me the same diagnosis, but prescribed Zyrtac to clear the congestion and Motrin for the pain. i hope they work. i would like to go back to work tomorrow.

The pharamcy wait was horrendous. It said 40 min wait, but ended up taking about 55 min. Of course, that is because soldiers in uniform get priority. I had my soldier in uniform with me and should have taken advantage of that!! I thought it was for the soldiers themselves,though, but one guy seemed to be getting prescription for his sick daughter(who wasn't all that sick -- she was just coughing -- otherwise happy as could be), so next time I think I will just let TJ get the ticket.

And then there was the woman with the crying baby. They decided to let her go ahead of the rest of us. That made me furious!!!!! Yes, the crying was annoying, but she could have walked around the halls with him. It was not fair to let her go ahead. Now, if someone towards the front wanted to trade numbers that would have been fine, but NO, they just called her on up because the baby was crying. There was another lady with a baby and he didn't cry and she had to wait just like the rest of us. They are lucky they didn't call me to the same window because I would have given that pharmacist a piece of my mind!!

Well, hopefully i will not have to go back there anytime soon.

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