Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pain free and back to work!!!

FINALLY!!! Yesterday was the first day my throat started hurting less. It was still quite achy, but the 800 mg Ibruprophen finally started to work!!(okay, it was working before, but I was still in a lot of pain). This morning the pain was pretty mild and the Ibruprohen took it completely away!! I am hoping I won't need it again at the next dosage time.

I am still taking the Zyrtec d that the 2nd doctor gave me. I didn't notice any difference with it until I stopped hurting!! I am going to continue taking that for a few days. I am also going to take saline drops when I sleep to prevent mouth breathing which causes more irritation!

On Sunday I also developed pink eye!! Not too bad. Most of the day I just felt crusty(I woke up with an abnormal amount!!), but in the evening I it started itching so I decided to make a trip to the ER rather than waiting to try to get a doc appt on Monday (TJ wasn't home, there was nothing on TV and I wasn't tired, so why not??). I got there, in, out, and back home in an hour and half!! A record!! I timed it right because when I left there were quite a few more people waiting!!. That doctore gave me eye drops and Nasonex to help with my throat. I take that at night and am supposed to take it for a month.

I am also going to start taking Vitamin C.

I was able to go back to work today(yesterday was a day off which was nice since I still felt a little crappy and my eye was still itchy and pink). I felt fine today and my eye was not very itchy or pink. At least no one said anything(and the kids would have if it was noticeable!! They notice everything!)

It is really nice to be back at work and not watching TV all day!! And it is great to not be in pain!!!

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