Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Plans

Just thought I'd share...

Since I have no job lined up and don't really feel like going to school this is what my days will be like....

1st week TJ and I are on leave. Going to KC and maybe camping(gotta clear that one with him!!!

2nd week.... clean the house. Straighten everything up. Start exercise routine and eating better.

3rd week..... organize house. All closets, cupboards, etc.

4th week. Clean out my car LOL!!

Exercise routine......
1. Monday through Friday -- alternate bike riding and walking/running on Main Post old golf course walking path. Follow up with swimming at Main Post pool.

2. Saturday -- walking on various trails. Add a mile(or 2 or 3) every week.

3. Rain alternative -- Tae Bo or gym.

To be done everyday.....

1. Read summer themed books

2. Scrapbook a page and make 1 card.

3. Keep up cleaning schedule

4. Personal scripture study

5. Work on tan (unless raining!!)

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Kim said...

WOOOOW. Hope you keep up with it!