Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day in Kansas

Today we started celebrating our anniversary early by taking a little trip on the Smoky Valley Railroad out of Abilene. We were not able to take the dinner train as we wanted as today is the last day for the Spring season and they were sold out, so we settled for the excursion train.

It was a nice ride and we got to see some nice Kansas scenery like corn and wheatfields :)

Before taking the train, though, we visited the Greyhounds at the Greyhound Hall of Fame. I haven't been there for a long time and learned that, sadly, one of the resident greyhounds, Chig, passed a away last March. Abby and Ripley are still there and Ripley (aka The Talented Mr. Ripley) will be inducted into the hall of fame!! This a great honor for the retired Greyhound. You can read about the hall of fame in Abilene here ..

After our train ride we went to the 4 Seasons RV park to look at pop-up campers(a possible investment a couple years down the rode) and then attempted to find the town of Enterprise(where we actually stopped on the train, but not where we could explore the town), but could not find our way there again. We ended up in Chapman instead and saw the tornado damage there. I took a few pictures, but felt kind of bad about it because it kind of seemed insensitive, but I really think it something imortant to document.

It was very humbling to see what happened there. Many homes are damaged. You see a lot of ripped up roofs and boarded up windows(as the winds blew the glass out. The damaged houses have X's on them, too, in different colors. I am not sure what colors mean what. One heartening thing I noticed was that in front of one of the damaged schools a Chapman flag(green and white with a shamrock)was planted among the rubble. I am sure these flags were planted in other places. it is like the town is showing their pride and saying they will rebuild and be strong again.

To end the day TJ and I are barbequing hamburgers :)

I will have all of the pictures from today in the NEW album on MySpace.

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