Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exercise, cleaning and forks

I started exercising yesterday!! I walked 2 miles!!!! I am sore today LOL. Then I went swimming and did 3 laps. I am not sure I will get to walk again today. Depends on the weather this evening. Same with tomorrow, but I should be out there Friday and all next week. Unless it rains. Not sure about swimming either. But at least I got a start!!

I cleaned the bathroom yesterday -- really good. I had quite a struggle with the bathtub -- guess I let it go too long and it has some buildup. Hardly noticeable, but I notice it. I tried everything -- Mr. Clean pad, sokaing the tub in hot water and clorox cleaner, using comment and then bleach. It removed a bit of it. It's better and feels clean. On Sunday we put up a tropical beach shower curtain and it gives the bathroom a nice feel. Plus it is transparent so it feels like you are there in the shower!!

TJ mopped the floor with our Swiffer wet jet and then I went over it with bleach. i am not experienced working with bleach and had to use the toilet so i am sitting there and soon my eyes started to burn and my lungs felt like I had ran in smog!!! I stayed out of the bathroom quite a while after that!! Floor looks really nice now!! bathroom smells nice and clean!!(except I forgot to clean the mirror!!).

I also started on the kicthen yesterday. I don;t know what I did to the shells under my burners!! They looked awful. I cleaned them in several things, too. Stove looks nice now if you don't look too closely at the shells!! The counters are nice and clean and clutter free so it looks really nice in there!! I am still working on the sink and the refrigerator and the floor.

Last night I started reorganizing my craft corner and dfinished it today(except for my non scrapbook/stamping, drawers -- those will get done next week!!). I labeled everything on my shelves for quick reference(and to know where to put things back!!). I also set up my old TV stand where in the space underneath I have scrapbooks to be worked on, cards, my scrap and sticker folder, alphabet letter case and paper tote stored and on top I can have open the scrapbook I'm working on. It is a really nice little work area.

I decided yesterdy while I was at the thrift store to start collecting forks!! Funky looking forks that is. I never seem to have enough forks so I decided to start looking for some, but to make it interesting they have to be funky looking. And sold individually -- i don't need a set!! And they have to be cheap. I got some good ones yesterday. My favorites are one with a round wooden handle, one with a monogrammed M (for my maiden name) and another with a rose :)

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