Monday, June 30, 2008

Gone Country....

Just for an afternoon!!

We went to the Country Stampede yesterday afternoon. We don't usually like to go out on Sunday and break the sabbath, but it was Military Appreciation Day and we had free tickets(poor excuse, I know, but anyway). It was a good time.

First of all, we had to drive in this...

To get down there..

We ended up getting a nice parking spot under a tree!!

We spent the first hour or so walking around looking at the vendors. My favorite was the lady who sold charm bracelets. I had to get one. They were only $3.00 for the starter bracelet and then $2.00 per charm, but if you bought 5 you got the 6th free. I ended up getting a 7th free, too, because one of the charms I chose broke when the lady was putting it on so she replaced it with something similar and offered me another free one! I went back later and bought another 6!! What I got were...
1. My name -- spelled RIGHT!!!
2. Sappfire (my birthstone)
3. Peridot (TJ's birthstone)
4. "I love my soldier"
5. Army Wife on a flag
6. "I love my cat"
7. An apple -- because I work in a school
8. Lion face -- the school's mascot
9. Boat and sunset -- boat because I like boats and travelling
10. Palm tree and sunset(this replaced a palm tree with rainbow)
11. California flag
12. Funshine Carebear

After walking around we settled down to see Charlie Daniels play. This was an unexpected treat as Charlie was supposed to play Thursday night, but it was cancelled because of a severe storm. However, he asked to come back to play on Sunday and the other acts graciously gave up 15 minutes each so he could play. I was excited because he plays old country, which I prefer. Here he is playing The Devil Went Down to Georgia..

He also invited Rodney Atkins(who was playing later that evening --I'm not sure what he sings) to sing on stage with him for a couple songs.

The weather was not as bad as last year. It was hot, but not too hot. It was crowded, too, though not crazy crowded ..yet. They did set a record for the most people turning out that early on a Sunday. That was because of Charlie Daniels.

Next year we would like to maybe camp down there(at the campground)and go for 2 or 3 days. Depends on who is playing. We are not really country fans. If Randy Travis ever plays there, though --- I will be going to that and getting the VIP seats so I can sit in the front section!!!

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