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KC Trip Recap

KC Trip Recap
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Well, TJ came home on Wednesday(a week ago) and after awhile says to me -- "I don't know why, but I have the next 2 days off". Turns out it was a post-wide 4 day! We decided to take our KC trip we had to cancel last month.

Thursday morning TJ got the oil changed in the car, we stopped at the shopette for gas and snacks and took Scout to the kennel(I hate leaving him alone for more than a day!). Then we headed East. Our first stop was the Waubunsee rest stop about 20 miles away!! I had never stopped there and had to go. What's neat about this particular rest stop is that it is in the middle of the highway, not the side!!

After that we continued on and our next stop was the Lawrence service station (also in the middle of the highway!!) for a mini lunch from McDonald's. Then we headed into KC.

The first place we went was Cabela's. I bought a giant catfish pillow there. And a shot glass. We spent a lot of time looking at boats, too. Next was a scrapbook store (that I had to call TJ's old staff sgt for directions to!!!). Then it was on to the Legends mall.

We had a late lunch/early dinner at the T-Rex Cafe, but first we built a dinosaur!! It is a build-a-bear workshop, but with dinosaurs. We got a T-Rex and made her a girl. I named her Tallulah Rex. We took her to eat with us. We sat in a clamshell booth in the ocean part of the restaurant. I had a chicken salad sandwich and let me tell you, it was the best food I have ever had at a theme restaurant!! After eating we explored the rest of the restaurant and then walked around the mall. TJ got a pair of shorts at the Gap!!.

After Legends we headed for our motel by Worlds of Fun. We settled in at the Red Roof Inn and then decided to go out exploring. We tried going to a Harley shop, but I misunderstood the directions and arrived after it closed. We were going to go somewhere else but a major storm was moving in so we went back to Red Roof for the night.

Friday was our Worlds of Fun day. We got there before it opened at 10am. We had good, but expensive, parking. The entrance is a down a very long path from the parking lot, though!! The first thing we did once inside was head for the Patriot since TJ didn't want to go on it with me and didn't want to stand around later waiting for me to go through a long line(it really wasn't a busy day so that wouldn't have been a problem!!). I rode it twice!! I would have gone more, but I was too dizzy. It is an upside down inverted coaster. So much fun!! After that we went on the train for the first time(we ended up riding it 3 times that day and the last time saw a deer!). Then we went a water rafting ride and got a little wet. We then went to look at Monsoon, but didn't ride that until we were ready to leave and after getting moderately wet on that I got SOAKED on the bridge!!

Around this time I attempted to ride the Mamba. It does not go upside down so it does not have a shoulder harness. My experience with that is I always feel like I am going to fall out!! The ride is billed as one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters. The last time I rode one with that description was the Desperado at the stateline in Nevada and I thought I was going to die!! I made it all the way on the ride, but walked right through the car!! I felt like I was going to puke.

Instead we went on the very tame Le Taxi Tour which I loved because years and years ago they had the same thing at Knott's Berry Farm called The Tijuana Taxi. We rode twice so we could each have a turn driving. Then I rode the Flying Dutchman (flying boats) and then we both went on the Carousel. Then I played a ball toss game and won a Carebear!

We had sandwiches for lunch and then went to get an old time photo taken(after our 2nd train ride!). This was actually TJ's idea. He said he had never done that and really wanted to, which really surprised me because he usually does';t go for things like that. We did a great one in front of an old car looking like we had just robbed a bank!!

Next we went to Camp Snoopy. Didn't go on any rides there. Then we went on the log ride. Not as fun as at Knott's, but we got pretty wet.

We also went into like every shop they had at Worlds of Fun!!

We were there for about 8 hours and got to do everything we wanted.

After leaving we went to the motel for awhile and then went out to a Sushi restaurant for dinner.

On Saturday we slept late. After checking out we made it to the Harley shop and they were also having a bike show! We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant that made a decent cheese enchilada and the best Flan ever!! Then we headed over to Liberty, MO, to go to the Liberty Jail Historical Site to visit one of the missionaries who used to be in our ward, but is now assigned at the jail. First we went to a scrapbook store and then a bookstore. Then to the jail where we discovered to our delight that not only Sister Miller was working there, but also Sister Johnson!! They were companions here in the ward and my favorite missionaries ever!! It was so great to see both of them again.

Then it was time to go home. We stopped in Topeka on the way back and Manhattan. We got Scout back Sunday morning. It was weird not having him in the house Saturday night. I kept expecting him to come in the room!! TJ said that while we were at the motel he expected him to jump on the bed with us!!

We still have tickets for another day at Worlds of Fun. TJ wants to go to Oceans of Fun, too, so we are probably going to buy tickets for there and plan a another 2-3 day visit. This time we want to rent a pop-up camper and stay at Worlds of Fun Village on one of their RV sites.

It was a really nice unexpected vacation.

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