Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Monday

Today was a little different from the normal weekly routine. First of all TJ had a day and night range so I was on my own. My alarm went off at 8 as normal and I planned to get up by 9, but I ended up sleeping until 10:30!! Then I planned to go walking since it wasn't too hot today, but the shorts I put on were too short and my legs started rubbing together when I started out so I had to turn back. To make up for no walk I swam more laps at the pool. I ended up doing 8 laps and gave both my arms and legs a good work out.

Speaking of the pool... it was nice there today!! Much better than last Monday when there was a party next door at the conference center and people were coming over!! I had the pool area to myself for about 15 minutes. Then the 2 people who showed up layed out first so I was in the pool by myself for about 20 minutes. Then one lady with 3 kids came and then a little later another lady with one or 2 little boys. I sit on the lap side of the pool so they don't bother me :) I sat and read for a little while so I spent about 1 hour total at the pool.

I only got the kitchen cleaned up as far as chores went today!! I decided to save the diningroom for tomorrow.

TJ was able to come home for about an hour and a half and he promptly went to take a nap and I left for town so I saw him for about 15 minutes total!!

In town I went to Mandy's for awhile and then to the library.

Then it was on to the Generals game!!

They had a pretty good turnout for a Monday night.

My favorite player, Stewart Hoover(#5 -- that's him batting in the picture!!) was the designated hitter for this game and he scored the first run! he was actually walked to first base, then stole 2nd. On another play he got to 3rd, but when the ooposing team threw the ball to try to get him out it went past the 3rd baseman and out of the stadium so he was able to come home!!

The Generals won 3-1. This was the first time I went by myself, but it was fine. I enjoyed the game.

Now I am home trying to wait up for TJ. Usually when he has a range he isn't home until 4 or 5(if at all!!), but it is army at the range today(not navy or airforce) so he thinks it will be earlier as they are more familiar with the weapons and qualify quicker!! I am hoping he is home by 3am, but I am not sure I will even make it that late!! I am hoping to get a little scrapbooking done and maybe start on cleaning the diningroom!!

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