Monday, June 23, 2008

Small Towns Rock!!

Small Towns Rock!!
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Since TJ had today off we took a little trip this afternoon/evening(Friday, June 20)

First we went to Paxico. It is a cute little town off of I-70, hidden by trees. They have quite a few antique stores there. we went into 2. The first one had a long table in the middle and sold sandwiches and ice cream. TJ and I shared a chicken salad sandwich with each other and conversation with the owner. It was so awesome. Something that can only happen in a small town. We learned about other places in Kansas to see and she gave us info on Paxico and the surrounding area. I am definitely going back there. We only made it to one other store because there was so much to look at and I could spend all day there, but not TJ. I did manage to add 2 forks to my collection.

Next we went to Topeka. I got a couple things at the Scrapbook store and then we looked for the Honda motorcycle shop. We needed to ask for directions at the Harley shop and looked around there. It is the most awesome one I have been to as it looks really neat and also has 2 restaurants and a small museum. Then we went to the Honda place. They were really nice there. Most motorcycle shops do have good service.

Next we went to Michael's for more scrapbook stuff(TJ helped me and found some good stuff!!).

Then it was off to Maple Hill. We went to Puffy's Steak and Ice House for dinner and had awesome steaks. It seemed that a lot of people dining there knew other people coming in and going out and there is a grocery stopre attached to the restaurant (You actually have to pay at the checkout in the store. it used to be that you had to go through the grocery store, too, to get to the restaurant!!) Then we headed over to the cemetery to see the backwards gravestone featured in my Kansas book.

It was a nice afternoon and there are pictures in the NEW album on Myspace.

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