Monday, June 23, 2008

So, celebrities can’t have opinions?

So, celebrities can’t have opinions?
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SHOCK!!! OUTRAGE!!!! Jessica Simpson wore a T-shirt proclaiming she likes to eat meat!!!! What is the world coming to????

Okay, it was just a t-shirt, PETA.

I understand that PETA is totally against harming animals in anyway. I totally agree you shouldn't test cosmetics on animals. Not in agreement about medical experiments -- I think sometimes it is necessary.

I understand that they are against people wearing fur, though I do not agree with them. I, personally, would probably not wear it unless I move to Alaska(do you know how cold it gets there????). But people have the right to wear it and I don't think it is right of them to throw paint or whatever on people wearing it. That is destruction of property.

The thing that really gets me about PETA right now, though, is their public outcry about Jessica Simpson wearing a t-shirt that said "Real Girls Eat Meat". Okay, it is fine that they don't agree with it, but is it right to condemn her for expressing her opinion? That's all it is. A t-shirt expressing her opinion. Get over it.

What's next? Condemining celebrities for actually eating meat?????

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