Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Feeling

It's amazing how working in a school and having the summer off can really make summer seem all that more exciting and real. When I was working year round jobs I barely noticed the start of summer and rarely did anything summery. Last summer I didn't work and Tj was deployed. I did some summer things with my friends and went to the pool a lot and got tanned so that felt more like summer to me, but this year is entirely different.

Technically, it's still Spring, but since I am off of school I consider it summer :) Plus, Memorial Day is past. It really feels like summer to me. We are also making a concious effort this summer to do summerlike things like camping and boating and going to local baseball games. Last night at the Generals game, it really felt like a summer evening to me and I was so happy and content. I am also going to start tomorrow going to the pool regularly and working on my tan.

I really summer and I am going to make this one the best ever!!

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