Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super Saturday

Last saturday TJ and I had a very full and fun day. We started out by going to the PX so TJ could get a haircut. He ended up with a "fade' which took off way too much than what I like!! He looks like Charlie Brown now!!

Anyway, after that we headed out to Mlford Lake for his company picnic. company as in the company he is in in the army (not a company like a business). I have been to lots of business company picnincs in my life(literally since I was a baby), but I think this was the nicest as it was right by the lake so there was a lot to do. You didn' have to just stay in a small confined area. You could go down to a swim beach, bring a boat and take it out, one of the platoon sergeants brough jet skis and also there was a playground for the kiddos and a basketball court.

The picnic was a chance to get to know other people and their familes in the company. I met a few new people. Some nice wives I am looking forward to getting to know better in the future. I spent most of the time talking with 2 people I already knew but haven't really talked to too much before, but it was nice to get to know them better:). They were wives from my husbands old troop. I talk to one, Chrissy, a lot on MySpace and the other, Catherine, I only really talked to at FRG meetings. We all kind of gravitated towards one another since we were pretty much the only other people we knew!!

Okay, so, after we ate, we got to go out on Chrissy and her husband's boat. Catherine's husband and daughter also went and that was nice to spend that time with them. I loved being on the boat and swimming in the lake, even though I was afraid to go in at first without my lifejacket and to jump off the boat!!

Once in it was super fun, though!!

TJ went tubing and had a blast. Since he is so skinny he was able to catch a lot of air and they loved towing him because of that!! I was afraid to try it!

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