Sunday, June 15, 2008

Too Close Tornado

The other night we experienced our first tornado scare. It came a little too close for my comfort. Although, not bad for TJ being here 3 years and me 2 and this being the first time there was a real threat!.

Anyway, as with any severe storm, I had the news going and my battery operated flashlight/radio with me. The technology they have now is awesome!! They can see what kinds of clouds are likely to produce tornadoes, can detect them on radar and have trained spotters on the ground confirm them. I knew that the tornado producing clouds were coming. I watched on the news as they went through Salina and Abilene. I watched on the news as they hit Chapman. When they said it was heading for Junction City and Fort Riley and to take shelter I did!! The sirens on post were going off, too, but lightning sometimes sets those suckers off so I don't really rely on those. Our neighbor across the hall and we were going to go into the downstairs closet, but then the neighbors below her invited us to their apartment. They even offered to let us spend the night!! We just rode out the worst of the storm with them. They were more experienced in this being from the state so we just sat around the living room watching the TV until we lost the satellite signal, then we listened to my radio and the sirens, but never had to hide out in the closet or bathroom. By this time I had taken a Xanax so I was calm. We also brought Scout with us and he was so good. He was in his carrier and growled a couple times when one of the neighbor's little dogs jumpd on me, but other than that he was fine. He watches those dogs in their yard from our balcony all the time so he knows them. The one didn't phase him at all, even when it came up to his carrier and sniffed him. I guess he just didn't like someone jumping on his mama!! Anyway, we only lost power once for like a minute and the tornados passed us, thank GOD!!!

From my bulletin today.....

Since we left the day after the tornados I am just now getting some more info.

The people I have checked with are all okay and their homes are fine!!!

We drove past Little Apple Toyota in Manhattan on our way home because we heard it got wiped out. It was a very humbling thing to see in person. Right before it you could see a couple business with a little roof damage (like missing shingles). The Honda place was okay, but the sign was ripped to shreds. Then you see that the Toyota showroom's windows atre boarded and the roof is collapsed. Next to that is piles of debris and trees that were cut in half. The destruction was unbelievable. It's just a little area, too!! Opposite side of the highway is a neighborhood you could not go into. Not sure the extent of the damage there, but I saw a pile of debris by someone's curb. No pictures because my camera battery died.

Chapman is a whole different story. They had a huge amount of damage. They are about 20 miles to our west. We have friends there and they and their homes are okay. My friend, Rebecca, has pictures on her MySpace. It doesn't seem real just looking at pictures, but a little more real knowing they are someone's personal pictures. We may try to take a ride out there tomorrow to see for ourselves.

I have pretty much seen my fill of natural disaster damage now. I have seen earthquake damage, hurricane damage, and now tornado damage. Oh, let's not forget ice storm damage!! I've had enough, thanks.

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