Saturday, June 7, 2008

Topeka Trip

I made a trip to topeka today. it's only an hour away. I went to get the oil changed in my car. Sure, I could have taken it to a place around here, but I like to take it to Saturn and Saturn is in Topeka!! Gives me an excuse to go there :)

First place i stopped was Steak N' Shake for a chocolate shake for breakfast. Then i headed to the Saturn place and spent about an hour there. Then it was off to my new favorite store -- Scrapbooks ETC!!! I think I need to be banned from there LOL. I spent waaaaayyyyyy too much money, but got a lot of neat things. I don't think I'll be going back until after I start working again LOL.

Next was the mall. I ate first (slice of pizza). Then I shopped. I got an adorable alligator magnet that wobbles around, stinkin cute Lambchop slippers, a necklace and lotion and then for TJ a used video game and candy(I'm such a good wife).

After the mall i went to Barnes and Noble. I intended to get a drink and rad there for awhile, but wasn't really feeling all that up to it, so instead I bought some books!! They were on the bargain rack. Now, I rarely buy books because I can get them for free at the library, but they were cheap so I went ahead and bought a couple.

Before heading back home I stopped at Spangles for an Orange Juice Slush. On the way home I took a little detour through the town of Paxico to see what it looked like -- what a CUTE town!! I am going to go back some time to explore. I was too tired today.

Upon arriving home I found my husband sitting on the couch, remote in hand(pointing at the TV) and he was SOUND ASLEEP!!! I took pictures. It was so funny. He had a range yesterday and night and didn't come home until this afternoon, poor thing(that's why I bought him candy). I'm hoping he feels up to going to the baseball game tonight. It's another military discount night -- yay!!! 1/2 price tickets!!

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