Friday, July 4, 2008

2nd Half

We headed back to Sundown Salute this evening for the CCR concert and fireworks.

We arrived about 6:30 pm and found a pretty good seat that lined up with the center of the stage. We were 2 hours early for CCR so we watched JC and Live Version which played sole and funk and they were pretty good. TJ also walked over to Little Cesar's and we had pizza for dinner. I read People magazine while waiting for CCR.

The concert was absolutely awesome.

They have so many great songs. The official name of the band is Creedence Clearwater Revisited as it is not all the original members :) My favorite songs were Proud Mary and Bad Moon. I also liked Who will Stop The Rain and Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

After the concert we headed over to the 6th street bridge and met up with the Poe's and all their family to watch the fireworks. Afterwards we watched a bit of the motorcross stunt show(I couldn't get pictures, it was too dark where we were standing).

Tomorrow is another busy day and another concert!!!!

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