Monday, July 7, 2008

Adventures in Catsitting

Our dear catguest, Sawyer, went home yesterday and we miss him. Well, at least I do!!!! Not sure about TJ(though he didn't mind having him here and even talked to him a few times about standing up to Scout!!) and who knows about Scout?!?!?!?!? He seems happy to have the house back to himself, but I think he probably misses having someone to chase around and "play" with!

The first night we had Sawyer was kind of rough. As soon as Scout saw him in his kitty carrier, he went up to the carrier and hissed at Sawyer. We decided that it would be best to keep Sawyer in the spareroom, away from Scout. However, Scout did growl and hiss at the door a few times. This necessitated keeping Scout in our bedroom with us during the night.

Sawyer adapted well to his new surroundings and was such a sweetheart. Later in the evening with Scout safely in our room I let Sawyer walk around the house, since he was crying in his room. That worked fine until he started crying outside our bedroom door!! So it was back to his room.

In the morning(5 am!!) he was crying and banging against his door so I let him out again. This time I put Scout in the front of the house and let Sawyer come in our room. He was fine until he decided to try out Scout's kitty bed. It has catnip in it so soon Sawyer was rolling around in the bed. I realized too late this was probably not a good idea. Sure enough, when I took it out to Scout he became extremely agitated when he smelled Sawyer on it. I ended up having to wash it, but after that it was fine.

While we were out for the day we kept the cats separated by 2 doors. Sawyer stayed in the back room and Scout in the front of the house. On advice of a friend, when we were home, we started letting Sawyer out and Scout hiss and growl at him as long as there was no fighting. The only problem we had was once Scout hit Sawyer on the butt! Eventually Sawyer got tired of being hissed and growled at and started doing it back!! Then the fun began. They would walk around the house looking for each other and then see who would back down first and try to get each other to either leave or hide under something! Scout usually won in these games!!

A couple of times they forgot they were enemies and would actually sniff each other with no growling or hissing involved.

I think given time the two would have become good friends. Sawyer learned that he didn't have to take Scout's crap!! He respected that this was Scout's home, but he also asserted himself that he would not be bullied! Scout learned that although this is his house, he could learn to share his space and actually have some fun with another cat. He also learned that given enough time, if he is mean to another cat, the cat will fight back!!

A couple times I went into Sawyer's room to keep him company and he was just such a sweetheart to me!! He would climb on the bed with me and rub his head against mine. He is such a sweet cat, as is Scout. We really enjoyed having him here for a few days and are going to miss him. Scout included!!

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